Welcome to our website.

This website has been created as an online notice board for events that take place in Briston throughout the year, typically at the Briston Pavilion. However we are more than happy to accomodate the promotion of other events that take place in other nearby parishes.

Briston being a large parish 2000+, actually benefits from two reasonably large covered buildings. Namely the Copeman Centre and the Briston Pavilion, one being a stones throw from the other. Both run numerous regular events, which are listed on this site. The Copeman centre has the benefit, of its own dedicated website.
 Fairs & Exhibitions
Sophie G & the good times 15th Nov

Fireworks 7th Nov
Parents & Toddlers
Junior Youth Club
Youth Club
Carpet Bowls
Pavilion Cinema
Corpusty football club
The BSRA (Briston Sports & Recreation Association) is a group of volunteers involved with promoting the use of the Pavilion for entertaining, sporting and recreational activities, for use of the parishioners of Briston and other nearby parishes.
The Grounds
The Pavilion Grounds, currently consists of 2 full size football pitches, a skate park, playground, and 2 tennis courts & a bowling green (non-maintained at present)
Briston Fairs
Click here: Copeman Centre