Volunteeering to help or want to take part in any event.....
To become involved with event organisation, or to sign up to the BSRA, please feel free to contact:

Peter Moulton (Chairman, BSRA) directly on 01263 862559

The Pavilion unfortunately has become a victim of its own success, we are becoming very busy of late, with more and more people wanting to use the pavilion. It is run by a bunch of willing volunteers, that are getting very tired. We are currently looking for people that could help with the running of the fairs, exhibitions, and auctions planned for this year.


The Briston Sport and Recreation Assocation (BSRA) consists of a number of volunteers involved with providing activities for the young and old. Ranging from the Mothers and Toddlers group to the most recent addition " Pictures at the Pavilion ".

The Higginbottom Management committee includes users of the pavilion, and three serving councillors. The Pavilion comes under the jurisdiction of the Higginbottom Charity, whose trustees are the members of Briston Parish Council.
Briston Fairs